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Refer & Win

Refer & Win is a program that rewards Chamber members for their referrals that convert to members.

Being a Chamber with a staff of four, it is often challenging for us to focus on Chamber work and grow membership.  So we are using this program to convert our entire membership into our salesforce.

Refer & Win logo

Here’s how it works:

Individuals that recruit new members will be rewarded.  They can choose between:

  • a gift card / gift certificate to a member business
  • a ShopSt.C Digital Gift Card
  • a donation to a member charity, or
  • a credit toward their membership dues

Rewards begin at $50 for a Basic Membership and can be as high as $1500 for an Elite Membership.  There are some guidelines and restrictions, so be sure to click on the link below for more information.

Everyone wins in this new innovative program – the new member wins by receiving all the benefits of membership, the referring member wins by being rewarded, other members win through business gained from the purchase of gift cards and donations, and the Chamber wins with more members and a stronger voice.